June 17, 2011

The Discipline of Stealth

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

This is a very urgent update that needs to be quickly responded to due to the time sensitive materials it entails. Let me first begin by explaining the title I used above “The Discipline of Stealth”. I believe it will shed light on the modus operands of what is happening here in the Middle East.

As many of you know, the concept of “stealth” is the ability to operate in hostile environments without the knowledge of the enemy and has always been the primary goal of all military techniques and technology. From new computerized camouflage images now worn by our troops to high tech electronic countermeasures, the purpose is to give the attacker the time needed to perform his mission and exit before the defending force can counter-attack. To be compromised in this environment means to be exposed and operational failure ensues.

In a like manner, in my recent personal Bible study times the Holy Spirit has highlighted to me how the discipline of stealth was also readily employed from the very beginning of the New Covenant. In a detailed study you will see that John the Baptist was in stealth until his public appearing in Israel; Yeshua as a young child was stealthy moved in and out of Egypt; Yeshua in His later earthly ministry operated in stealth to side step the masses and the religious rulers; and even the early disciples moved in a lifestyle of stealth in their underground meetings and soul winning tactics. A interesting sub-study in this context was the supernatural ability of how angels were employed by God to secretly release believers from prison or even the supernatural transportation from one hot spot to the next like Phillip!

However, in our contemporary leadership models I have been schooled in over the years, the exact opposite discipline has been encouraged by the church growth "experts”. Instead of stealth services and evangelization on the winds of spontaneity, everything has now become time focused and carnally controlled by brain tissue activity. Ministries have become well versed in advertizing, marketing and brand logo effectiveness to be seen and located and thus attract a tithing base of families, instead of discipling and focusing only on a sold out band of warrior bondservants/ handmaidens. The idea of becoming a hidden ministry that can only be found out by those who hear from the Sprit of God has almost become a lost discipline in our current contemporary culture! Yet, it was in this shadow environment of stealth that the early Church thrived and exploded in true discipleship until finally the enemy flushed them out of the catacombs in Rome to now hold "legalized” public services under Constantine. (Think about it!)

Now let us fast forward to what is happening here in the Middle East. The Holy Spirit has been telling us repeatedly to stay underground and continue in stealth mode for this next phase of operations here in this sector of the most intense spiritual warfare found anywhere on planet earth. In so doing we have been constrained by Him not to divulge what we are facilitating lest we lose the element of surprise over the recons and schemes of the enemy.

Special stealth night ops

Right now as you read this update, we have been positioned by in Him in a stealth operation that blows our wildest imaginations. We have been planted in a very fast moving continuum of ministry here that cannot and will not be advertized or marketed to raise support and excite our hearers. However, we must continue to ask for your financial support while still being careful not to divulge our operation or position here. We cannot explain more in this digital forum and we will just have to trust that you guys can dig deep into hearing mode and give as He directs you. You are giving into not just a physical brick and mortar building, but to an underlying stealth layer of ministry that is now in full operation with the finest warriors of the current generation of Israel's!

This stealth mode we have been dialed into by direct command of the Commander and Chief has resulted in some toxic hate mail aimed at us because we will not break radio silence.  I do not know why certain believers must know details of ongoing operations, and if we do not cater to their curiosity then they go into temper tantrums of carnality and derogatory language.  But I would rather obey the explicit commands of the Commander and Chief, and loose a few dozen partners, rather than disobeying operational counter terrorism procedures set in this stealth community we are now a part of and compromise everything!  So if we have to, I will just wait for the ravens to bring us meat and bread everyday by our little brook in our backyard!  (I'm not joking here...many times in prayer of the secret place I will see ravens coming to our backyard carrying bread and meat in their mouths!  It is just amazing! See I Kings 17:4-6)

So dear friends, now is the time to dig deep into his love that has been poured out into your hearts and let the effervescent of free will generosity bubble out of you for this current stealth operation that we are now deeply involved in. Give as He directs and rejoice in knowing your gifts are being planted in the most fertile soil of evangelism I have ever seen in 30+ years of ministry.  All the years of Holy Ghost street witnessing, exploits, and Glory meetings were leading us to this moment!  The time for Ezekiel's dry bones vision to be released!  Do not let people or circumstances pull you out of the stealth discipline He has you in!  Be strong and don't advertise for man's approval or curiosity!  Be hidden and quiet if you want to be rewarded openly in Heaven!  Don't give testimonies to be heard by man....it is your TEST!

Come quickly Lord Yeshua!

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz


PS,  In this new Spring season upon us I would like to do some housecleaning.  It has been my desire since 2007 for our USA ministry offices property to be paid off in full and to owe nothing to the bank.  This property in Atlanta, GA is key to our ongoing operations in Israel.  The amount owed is $237,568.88 and it would be awesome for the ministry to own this office townhouse outright.  You our partners and friends are the most giving believers I have ever had the privilege to serve with and may Abba fill your hands for this gracious act this Spring season!  There is new stealth projects opening up here in Israel this week but I first want secure our USA base before this month is out!  Glory to God!!!!

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