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November 8, 2011


Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

In first part of this new teaching about Champions, I opened up for you’all the current ethnos of secular Israel by introducing a rich Biblical word describing a warrior, that has now been unfortunately downgraded into modern Hebrew slang. It is important for all our friends who love this land to understand that the 2011 Nation of Israel is not the same nation of 20 years ago and the ethnos of our people here have turned from being a vibrant community of volunteerism to pioneer, to that what the book of Judges describe, “everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25). Even though this is a bleak forecast, all hope is not gone because estranged from this unprecedented moral decay is a remnant of warriors God has separated unto Himself for exploits in these last days!

I have been teaching for over 20 years that God is doing something new per the exciting text of Isaiah 43:18-21. The sign that this new thing was in the works and now amongst us was when in the natural the Yishimon desert (also known as the Wasteland) that is South of the Dead Sea is in a rare epic flood stage (i.e. Dec. 1989). Well that has happened the last two years (see the following Jan 18th and Jan 22nd EMMs) during the third week of January of 2010 and the amount of water that deluged this desert region was just mindboggling! During that time I spoke to a friend who was a IDF officer and whose job the last two decades was to not only track terrorist in the desert regions, but also train the younger IDF “trackers” how to survive and live off the land in stealth (i.e. like a Apache tracker in the old Western movies). In his civilian life he is a very gifted Park Ranger and tour guide and is one of the last true conservatives here in Israel that still is passionately Zionistic. I asked him about the recent floods in the Yishimon desert of Isaiah 43, since he has led a plethora of counter terror operations or public tours in this mysterious region. I was expecting his usual “Israeli” guarded response of unexaggerated details…when suddenly my mobile phone ear piece went ballistic with volume. This officer began to get so excited as he recounted to me not just the record rainfall that fell that night, but also how the entire infrastructure of the South was cut off from the rest of the country. For the first time in his life instead of taking people to see the rare waterfalls, he escaped with his life as he rushed home to get away from the walls of raging water that was barreling thru every escape in this entire region! He was petrified in the amount of hydro power that was unleashed and he began to detail to me that this has never happened before in Israel for at least 700 years of history! Then he went into great detail to describe the gargantuan size of boulders that were moved by these flashfloods as if they were tiny marbles in the street! He was still in shock and this veteran of many IDF special ops and firefights was still reveling in the amount of water unleashed in just one night in his desert territorial responsibilities! (Hint: flashfloods in this desert is a synonym with the next outpouring of the Sprit of God as in Is. 44 and Ps. 126)! Glory to God! Yeehah!!!

You see dear friends, I believe you are reading these EMM communiqué’s and have been led to follow our pioneering efforts here in Israel because Abba loves you and wants you to be aware of the deep and secret call that He has placed upon your lives. Many of you have been fired prematurely into orbit by the agency of man and not the agency of the true move of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 1:6-24). You have been activated emotionally or stimulated thru full gospel music/pageantry/guilt/or works mentality that we need a revival/awakening and we have been trying to do it with our own good intentions and not on the true timing of the mystery zone of Abba’s sovereignty. Instead of spending time in the deserts of His choosing to purify you and separate you from this world system, many have instead chosen the path of least resistance and follow the lower nature and have thus been producing a lot of “Ishmaels’” as of late. Just take a look over into the valley of judgment that has happened in the contemporary Charismatic/Prophetic movement and see all the strewn hulls of once mighty men and women of God that could not keep their Levi’s on! I know it is tragic…but this is the mystery of lawlessness in operation and God is the author of it (see 2 Thess. 2:10-12)!

What I’m getting at this morning is this…. Just as this above referenced IDF officer/Park Ranger is one of the remaining remnant of the true Israeli’s who pioneered this country and are committed to Zionism like a Texan is committed to his freedom and right to bear arms, so to there is a remnant of God’s champions who have been separated by Him away from the wood, hay, and stubble of Ishmaelite modern churchianity. Now I do not intend on being mean-spirited here or condemning in this next example…I’m just stating fact to assess troop strength I now see in God’s reserves. Do you think you can be raised up to be a mighty Champion of God to conduct search and rescue mission behind enemy lines and call down Justice on terrorism today by feeding of the positive type messages from Joel Osteen’s very popular pulpit? Why use Joel as an example? Because he is now the defacto leader of the Charismatic “new” generation whether you like it or not! He has been put there because millions of believer want this message! But again, my point is…will you become a strong warrior against the terrors of the night feeding on this positive feel good stuff? Will you be properly activated into becoming a windward type of warrior moving in the powers of the age to come per Hebrews 6 sitting week after week under this highly choreographed entertainment?

So just like my dear Park Ranger friend who has been driven away from the secular evils of the new generation of Tel Aviv Israeli’s, to live and work in the desert like the early Palmach pioneers who started this country, so too there of many who subscribe to our teachings because they have been driven by God away from the luke warm atmospherics of destiny messages, to instead be the remnant of warriors preserved by God unto Himself to be champions of war and not heroes to the flesh and blood masses! This is why we have preached all these years on the subject of the holiness, radical discipleship, spontaneous prophetic worship, wild special drive-by operations, radical begging to give, scum of the earth motif, becoming physically fit, and people of the wind, and now have moved into the Middle East to get His people ready for what is coming on the earth in these exciting days. You are here with us in Spirit and your prayers and support links us all together to draft behind this exciting warrior phase of Jesus revealing Himself in these apocalyptic last days (Rev. 19:11-21). …And now with the unprecedented fulfillment of flashfloods in the prophecy of Isaiah at our doorstep, now you know why our moral is peeked out right now even though deep darkness is still increasing on the earth and the arab nations around us are in confusion and rebelion ! Pretty sobering huh?

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this new message in your mailbox soon…. I will be discussing the new mountain of holiness and war that God has chosen for His eternal habituation here and it is not Mt. Sinai or the Temple Mount of Jerusalem! Pretty cool stuff!!!

In His service for your faith,


PS, Many ask me how I can maintain and thrive in the Middle East with so much glorious exploits, Divine favor, and uncontrollable joy when the wheels are coming off the entire region right now. Well it is real simple…I maintain a very high modus operandi of giving that convicts, shames, and stuns many saved and unsaved. My whole life is a empty purse that is addicted to radical giving! I have been led to stay away from the tight fisted selfish stingy believers here who do not have the abandonment to give with hilarity…wanting nothing in return! It is a great stun gun to neutralize the antichrist spirit here and I will never stop in this stun giving! So we move in stealth and keep a wide berth away from the stingy folks and give radically to those who are truly desperate and being targeted by the Holy Spirit for salvation or emancipation from religious carnality! You really can’t teach people to give expecting nothing back. It can only be learned through osmosis in the secret place of His river soaked IV feed still realms of Glory! And these are the folks that support this ministry and these are the folks that are the real warriors I’m writing to in these communique’s!

Bless you’all for your repeated supply drops for the current ops here and may what I have been experiencing the last few weeks in His secret IV endorphin mainline from Heaven be also yours in this exciting hour! It does not matter the economic climate you maybe in…just keep giving hilariously! The vision to build out a stealth center against terror is ready to be implemented. This is a secret project that is very close to the heart of God. Let us labor together and contact me to discuss the budget currently needed. What a time to be alive in the Middle East for the new awakening approaching! New stealth projects have been started this week and funds are needed to implement moving forward. $268,750.00 is needed and feel free to contact me for more operational specifics! Glory to God!

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Many ask me how I can maintain and thrive in the Middle East with so much glorious exploits, Divine favor, and uncontrollable joy when the wheels are coming off the entire region right now. Well it is real simple...I maintain a very high modus operandi of giving that stuns, convicts, and shames many saved and unsaved.



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