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Israel Tactical Update (Winter 2010)

Shalom Friends, It is a winter white-out here in Northern Israel this weekend with a large storm coating the mountain’s ridges of the Hermon with beautiful frozen precipitation!  This is another excellent addition of water for this drought stricken country while at the same time our national joy is being buffeted by the renewed rhetoric […]

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Many Shepherds Have Ruined My Vineyard.

Shalom Vertical Warriors, I have never really wanted to say this before, however, the urgency of the hour leaves me no other option as a watchman on His walls but to loudly sound the trumpet. There is another wave of judgment coming in God’s house and it will no longer tarry and be idle. God […]

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Heading image: The first to cross the finish line of Ironman Germany Shalom Friends, Abba has given me this fresh word today for not only our personal spiritual nourishment, but also its follow through equipping effect it will have as you help others in your sphere of responsibilities (2 Cor. 1:1-16).  A few days ago […]

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*Flashflood Notice*

Shalom Friends, This is a Holy Ghost weather update of what is now happening in the sovereignty of God. The Yishimon desert of Israel has been hit by flashfloods the last 72 hours. This is a very rare event in the desert wasteland area just south of the Dead Sea. Though the rains fall each […]

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A Key Thunder Run Occurred This Morning!

It is with great excitement I write this “Early Morning Manna” Update to you this morning! Yesterday, Dalit and I had the privilege of meeting and talking with the former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and giving him our books. Just how the angels of the Lord opened this door through his security […]

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A Mid-Air Refueling for Your Faith!

Here is a refueling stop for your faith this morning…. “But when Jesus heard this, He answered him, DO NOT BE AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE, AND SHE SHALL BE MADE WELL.” (Luke 8:50 NASB) According to the Linguistic Key to the Greek N.T., Dr. Plummer (a contributing writer) says we should pay attention to the change […]

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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, Massive flashfloods have hit the deserts of Israel this week and now yesterday the Northern Galilee city of Nahriyah was flooded.  Nahriyah in Hebrew means the “River of God”!  Wow!  Could we be seeing a prophetic watershed event happening before our very eyes that requires us to activate […]

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A New Type of Earthquakes are on the Way!

This morning I received a recon report from Abba that big earthquakes are on the way. And a few hours later I learned of more earthquakes in Iran today. We all can connect the dots on why that is happening (i.e Israel and Gen. 12:3)…. However, the earthquake I heard about this morning is ever […]

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Heading image: Statue of a prophet blowing the shofar in Israel’s silicon valley Shalom Friends, It is the Feast of Tabernacles time here in Israel and all the signs of the times are pointing to a great harvest ingathering in these last days! Here is a short video manna teaching to dial you’ll into greater faithfulness to […]

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Alert! New Flashfloods in Israel!

I do not say this lightly or with ulterior motives to advertise this ministry. But the last few weeks a new dynamic anointing and mantel has appeared on this ministry! It is a very deep ecstasy of joy clustered with signs and wonders for exploits on the streets. It is very, very empowering! It is […]

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