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  Shalom Friends, It’s no joke or typo…it is for real.  I have been selected to compete for the two most grueling and popular Olympic sporting events of our modern generation.  The Olympic Cycling Time Trial and the Olympic Distance Triathlon competitions for the 3rd largest sporting event in the world!.  If you are wondering [...]

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Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, It happened again!  Whenever we sound the shofar wild atmospheric conditions suddenly manifest very quickly!  The following images happened this evening after the shofar was sounded for the meetings that are to be extended in California for Sept. 2-11th.  Wild looking funnel clouds descended towards the ground over our GA [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance, Signs & Wonders

RARE FLOOD ALERT! The Ancient River Of Isaiah Is In Flood Stage Today!

Shalom Friends, The epicenter of this ministry is centered in declaring the new thing God is doing in the earth according to the ancient prophetic oracle of Isaiah 43:18-21.  When God does a new outpouring of His Spirit worldwide it is preceded by a ancient prophetic sign based in the geography and watershed of Israel.  [...]

Signs & Wonders

Signs and Wonders in the Heavens!

Last Thursday night in the tent revival meetings of Eagle Ministries in Ontario Canada a very shocking event happened. As the service concluded and several of us were laying down at the altar waiting upon God…suddenly I felt the urge to go outside and look at the heavens. As I did, behold, the whole sky [...]

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Signs in the Heavens

This is a quick update to infuse you with faith for immediate action in your current theater of Special Ops! Two days ago while conducting revival meetings in Emporium, PA., the Holy Spirit visited us with a very strong gale force wind…suddenly…out of nowhere while outside sounding the shofar over the property of one of [...]

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Signs in The Heavens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Here is some early morning fresh manna from Abba- …Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. And delight yourself in abundance. (Isaiah 55:2) This is what I keep hearing over and over in the secret still place of His glory…”listen carefully to Me”; “In your listening to me listen”; “Your hearing the sound [...]

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Special Ops at The Canadian Parliament

Just returned from two powerful weeks of meetings in Canada known as “The Guardians of The Threshold” (taken from 2 Chron. 34). I can still feel the fire burning in me like a jet turbine! We are all undone and paramountly messed up!!!

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The Confirming Double Rainbow

Shalom Fellow Warriors, I have another atmospheric sign to share with you’all from Israel!  This week I was up in the shahar of the morning dew worshipping The Lord of The Armies of Heaven at a special forces base.  In this time I began to ask the Commander and Chief to give me a sign [...]

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The Double Rainbow

Shalom Friends, I have a word of encouragement for you this morning. Last Friday afternoon I received a phone call from a ministry that lives in Israel that is planning with us a very large 2005 outreach. We were discussing for a very long time about how God has been supernaturally adding/removing associations in our [...]

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The Fruit that Remains

The early morning dew of His grace is saturating all those who are seeking Him early and diligently (Proverbs 8 ). I spoke to a pastor friend who told me of some of the fruit coming out of the last revival meetings in Canada. It has to do with a young teenager who was powerfully [...]

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